Conveniently located 1 block from Main Street, downtown Birchwood.

The Blue Gill Capital of Wisconsin. With all its amenities, Birchwood businesses have a lot to offer all who stay at Birch Lakes RV Park. It’s a short walk to the Grocery Store, Hardware Store, Lumber Yard, Bank (with ATM), Post Office and fine restaurants.

Bob and Lisa, Proud owners of Birch Lakes RV Park. In Birchwood, Wisconsin.

Welcome to Birchwood and welcome to the most conveniently-located RV park in the Birchwood area. Birch Lakes RV Park is just one block from downtown Birchwood, where you’ll find all the amenities needed to make your vacation or stay the best it can be.

For the seasonal traveler, there’s no better place in the Birchwood area in terms of location. With the many amenities just one block away, it is the perfect place for your seasonal getaway.

For the weekly traveler, our park is the perfect place to settle if you are looking for a quiet, peaceful experience… off the “beatin” path.

For the outdoorsman, Birchwood offers some of the best fishing around. With its numerous lakes, you’ll enjoy the northwood’s ambiance to its fullest. By the way, if you like to ride ATV’s, Birch Lakes RV Park is located on the Birchwood Downtown ATV Route, with access to the Tuscobia Trail, Trail 31 Corridor, and Rusk County trails..

A visit to Birchwood is not a step back in time, but a refreshing break from the fast lane into the serene simplicity of Village life.